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Supabase Beta December 2021


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Happy 2022. We're looking forward to a year of shipping product and helping our users build great things!

Here's a bunch of stuff we shipped throughout December...

Hackathon Winners

We had a ton of awesome projects submitted for our Holiday Hackdays, all of the submissions are open source so come and check out the code for some of our top picks!

hackathon winners

New crypto extension - pg_crypto

We just added pg_sodium as an extension inside all postgres instances. Which means you can easily do encryption, decryption, hashing, and cryptographic signing from within your postgres functions and queries. Enable it from the Database > Extensions tab in the Supabase Dashboard.

pg sodium support

PostgreSQL Videos

Call Postgres functions from JavaScript with RPC

Jon Meyers walks you through how to write more complex queries and logic in your database, and invoke it via the API.

Call any API using PostgreSQL functions

We recently added the ability to call any external HTTP endpoint from your postgres functions. Jon shows you how!

Create PostgreSQL Functions with Supabase

Triggers allow you to execute SQL in response to any table changes. Learn how to write PostgreSQL triggers with Jon!


We're Hiring - for a ton of new roles across engineering, marketing, and HR. We hire fully remotely, and you'll get to work alongside some incredible people, on one of the fastest growing open source companies. See which roles we're hiring for.

supabase is hiring


There was a lot of activity this month.

Learn With Jason

Let Jason and Jon show you how to build an app with Next.js and Supabase on top of Netlify!

Divjoy integration

Divjoy announced their Supabase Integration - The React codebase generator allows you to choose your stack, choose your template, and generate your codebase.

pg sodium support

n8n + Supabase

n8n added a Supabase node.

Python Upgrades

The Community released a whole bunch of updated Python libs including: supabase v0.0.4 - gotrue v0.3.0 - realtime v0.0.4 - storage3 v0.1.0

See the full list of community supported libs.

supabase community libs


We're having a 24/7*365 meme-fest on Twitter


Check us out on TikTok


Swag Store

A reminder that we have a Supabase Swag Store

swag store


We hit 26K stars!!:



Check out some of our other community stats in our latest Series A Blog Post.

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