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Golden Kitty Awards Ceremony Watch Party with Supabase



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Golden Kitty Awards Ceremony Watch Party with Supabase

Last week Supabase UI, our open-source UI component library inspired by Tailwind and AntDesign, was nominated for the Product Hunt Golden Kitty Awards.

Thanks to your contributions and upvotes, Supabase UI has made it to the finals, and to celebrate we'd like to invite you all to hang out with us on Discord (at least whoever manages to stay up) to watch the Awards Ceremony on Thursday Jan 27th at 9am PT (Thursday 5pm GMT, Friday 1am SG).

How to join

Product hunt

  1. Upvote Supabase UI (if you haven't already).
  2. Register for the Golden Kitty Awards Ceremony 2021.
  3. Join us on Discord in the "hangout" channel.
  4. Have fun and win Product Hunt & SupaSWAG \o/

Join our Discord:

Discord Hangout

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