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Supabase Beta August 2021


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We've raised $30M and shipped a bunch of features. Let's dive into what's been happening at Supabase during the month of August.

Quick recap

Watch a recap of this month's release.

We raised $30 million

Hot off the press, we raised our Series A. We'll use the funds to do more of the same - ship features and hire open source developers. We'll release more details soon. Read more on TechCrunch.

Supabase Series A

Realtime Security, codename: WALRUS

If you've been waiting for Row Level Security to land in Postgres subscriptions, then you're going to love our new repo: Write Ahead Log Realtime Unified Security (WALRUS). The name might be a bit forced, but the security design is deliberate. It's not in production yet, but we're making the repo public for comments using an RFC process.

Realtime Security, codename: WALRUS

Custom SMS templates

If you're using SMS login in Auth v2, you can now customize the SMS which is sent to your users. Read more in the docs.

Custom SMS templates

Dart and Flutter Docs

Thanks entirely to @dshukertjr, we now have in-depth reference Dart documentation for CRUD, Auth, Realtime and more!

Dart and Flutter Docs

We launched the South Korea region

We added another region for those wanting to host their data and APIs in Seoul. We now have 12 regions to choose from

We launched the South Korea Region

Table creation is even easier

You can now create columns while creating your table. We've also added improvements for composite primary keys and foreign key creation.

Table creation is even easier

Unbreakable CSV Imports

Our previous importer would choke on CSV files which were too large. Not any more!

Unbreakable CSV Imports

Connection strings

We now provide a handy copy utility for various database connection strings because we were so tired of looking them up on Stack Overflow.


We released a primer on Row Level Security

RLS can be a bit foreign for developers getting started with Postgres. This video by @_dijonmusters demystifies it. If you find the video a useful medium for learning, consider subscribing to our channel.


We had a community Hackathon

We held a one-week async Hackathon. Check out all the winners - it was truly impressive what people were able to build in just 7 days.

We had a community Hackathon

We had a team Hackathon

The Supabase team didn't want to miss out on the fun so we held our own hackathon. It was a good way to dog food. Some notable projects include

We had a team Hackathon

We hit 18,000 stars on GitHub, and got to the top of GitHub trending for Typescript.

GitHub Trending


If you want to keep up to date, make sure you subscribe to our YouTube channel or follow us on Twitter.

Dependency contributions

GoTrue (Auth)

PostgREST (APIs)

pg_net (Database Webhooks)

Coming Next

Last December we moved from Alpha to Beta, with a focus on Security, Performance, and Reliability. After a couple of Launch Weeks pushing out new and sexy features, we have decided it's time to focus on these again.

By the time we're done, Supabase will be production-ready for all use cases.

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