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July ended with our second "Launch Week", where we shipped something every day for a week. There's a lot to get through this time!

Quick demo

Watch a full demo of this month's releases.

Launch Week II: The SQL

Following the success of our first Launch Week in March, we finished July with "Launch Week II: The SQL". The community has been sieving through a slew of bad puns and retro memes to discover the new feature announcements.

Auth v2 with Phone Auth

Your users can now log in with SMS based mobile auth! We have a Twilio integration (Guide Here) and will be adding more providers soon.

Other Auth updating include, Twitch logins, and the ability to generate invite, recovery, confirmation, and magic links via the API, for people who want more control over the email templating flow. Read the blog post here.

Storage is now in Beta

Storage updates include Media Streaming, Public Buckets, Directory Uploads, and a Performance Improvements.

Streaming Media in particular opens up a whole new host of potential use cases, learn more about the updates here.

Dashboard v2

We made some major new additions to the dashboard including usage statistics, a new project home, and tons of database insights. Check the post here on what you get and how we built it.

We launched a Discord server

You'll find us hanging out regularly in the #hangout channel. We even "live-fixed" some production errors in there on Monday night (which occurred literally 1 hour before our first announcement of the week! Typical!). We're fast approaching 1,500 members so come and join the action!

PostgreSQL 13

All new Supabase projects will be launched with PostgreSQL 13.3, and we're working on a migration path for old projects. This gives you looooaads of new stuff out the box.

PostgREST v8.0

We worked with our friends at PostgREST to make some huge improvements. For those of you who don't know, every Supabase instance comes with a dedicated PostgREST server by default, which provides the auto-generated CRUD API that we wrap with supabase-js.

Flutter/Dart support

Our community driven libs for the fast growing mobile and web framework are now in beta. Learn more by following the Quickstart guide.


We're running a week long hackathon starting NOW. There are some legit prizes, and you can win in a bunch of different categories. Check the full instructions here on how to participate. Submissions close next Friday at midnight PST.

Hooks & Functions

We made an announcement on the progress of functions, and even shipped a few preliminary components, try them out and give us feedback as we continue to move towards this next major milestone. Read the latest updates here.

Swag Store

Get your hands on some Supabase Swag, hand packed and mailed by our team based in Singapore.


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Security, stability, performance ... and Functions.

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