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Supabase Beta January 2021


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New year, new features. We've been busy at Supabase during January and our community has been even busier. Here's a few things you'll find interesting.

Quick demo

Watch a full demo:

Count functionality

Anyone who has worked with Firebase long enough has become frustrated over the lack of count functionality. This isn't a problem with PostgreSQL! Our libraries now have support for PostgREST's exact, planned, and estimated counts. A massive thanks to @dshukertjr for this adding support to our client library.

Supabase now supports count functionality

New Auth Providers

We enabled 2 new Auth providers - Facebook and Azure. Thanks to @Levet for the Azure plugin, and once again to Netlify's amazing work with GoTrue to implement Facebook.

Supabase now supports Azure and Facebook Oauth providers

Auth Audit Trail

We have exposed the audit trail directly in the dashboard, as well as the GoTrue logs. Great for security and debugging.

Supabase exposes the Auth Audit trail on the dashboard

Auth UI widget

In case our Auth endpoints aren't easy enough already, we've built a React Auth Widget for you to drop into your app and to get up-and-running in minutes.

Supabase has released a React Auth widget

New function

We added a helper function for extracting the logged in user's email address.

Supabase added an email function for using with Policies

New Regions

Launch your database in London or Sydney!

Launch your database in London or Sydney

Copy rows as Markdown

You can now copy SQL results as Markdown - super useful for adding to blogs and issues.

Copy query results as markdown

React server components

If you're excited by React Server components then check out the Supabase + Server Components experimental repo.

Use supabase with React Server components


We know that Auth can be a bit daunting when you're just starting out, so we have created some intro videos to get you up to speed in no time:

We released a Auth Video Series


  • Performance: We migrated all of our subdomains to Route53, implementing custom Let's Encrypt certs for your APIs. As a result, our read benchmarks are measuring up 12% faster.
  • Performance: We upgrade your databases to the new GP3 storage for faster and more consistent throughput.


  • @kiwicopple chats to @bdougie on HeavyBit's Jamstack Radio: Link
  • Watch @leerob from Vercel deploy a full Next.js app with Supabase in just 2 minutes: Link
  • Redwood now supports Supabase: Link
  • Deploy a full analytics solution using Umami: Link
  • Check out this open source Trello Clone: Link
  • Get started with Expo + Supabase using this starter template from Kiki: Link
  • Use Supabase Auth with NestJS: Link
  • The community has made some serious advances on the Dart, C#, Python, and Kotlin libraries.
  • We were one of the fastest growing open source startups in Q4 last year: Link

This image shows the Supabase GitHub star growth.


Coming next

We're ramping up to "Launch week" at the end of Q1, where we will be giving you some very exciting new features (including Storage!).

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