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Supabase Beta May 2021


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Supabase Beta May 2021

Apple & Twitter Logins, Supabase Grid, Go & Swift Libraries. Lots of great stuff to try out this month.

Quick demo

Watch a full demo:

Apple logins are now available

Did you know: if you ship an app to the App Store with any third-party logins, you're required to enable Apple logins as well? Now you can with Supabase Auth.

Apple OAuth is now available in Supabase

Twitter logins are now available

You can also use Twitter as an OAuth provider with Supabase Auth. Twitter has a very archaic OAuth implementation, so this one took awhile.

Twitter OAuth is now available in Supabase

New storage policy editor

We shipped a new Policy Editor for managing Row Level Security on your Storage. We provide some templates to simplify the process for new developers.

New Policy Editor

Supabase Grid

We are still working on Open Sourcing our Dashboard, and took another step closer by publicly releasing a new Supabase Grid. It's not ready to use outside of the Supabase ecosystem, but over time we hope to make it usable with any Postgres Database.

This is an image of the new Supabase Grid

Japan (Tokyo) 🇯🇵 is now available as a region

There are a huge number of Supabase developers in Japan and China, and at their request we've launched Tokyo as a region.

Tokyo is now availabel as a region

Return data as CSV

You can now retrieve your data as Comma Separated Values. Thanks to @andreivreja for the awesome PR.

Download data as a CSV

New Go Libraries

The community started developing the Go libraries. postgrest-go is completed, @Yusuf_Papurcu and @muratmirgun are working on the remaining libraries.

Supabase Go Libraries

New Swift Libraries

The community started developing the Swift libraries too. @satishbabariya is making huge progress on storage-swift, gotrue-swift, realtime-swift, and supabase-swift.

Supabase Swift Libraries

Build in Public

We started a weekly 1-hour live stream where we build in public.


  • @p_phiri made his first OSS contribution, and documented it on YouTube. Twitter.
  • @sonnylazuardi built an awesome 3d globe using Supabase. Twitter.
  • @yallurium released Part 2 of "Going Full Stack with Flutter and Supabase". Twitter.
  • @coderinblack built an Audio Social Platform using Supabase. Twitter.
  • @adityathakurxd built a Flutter + Supabase starter kit. GitHub.
  • @dshukertjr built a geo-tagged video sharing app with Flutter + Supabase. GitHub
  • @JonoYeong created a 6-minute overview of Supabase. YouTube. Twitter.
  • Everyone who has produced Supabase content is now receiving their swag. Send a link to your blog, app, or video to along with your address and we'll make sure you're included in the next drop.

Supabase GitHub Star Growth

13223 stars on GitHub.


If you want to keep up to date, make sure you subscribe to our YouTube channel or follow us on Twitter.

Coming Next

We're planning another Launch Week at the end of July. We'll probably have a quiet month of shipping this month so that we can get everything prepared for July.

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