Supabase Beta November 2022


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Launch Week 6 is just around the corner! We’re saving most of November’s updated as a surprise for Launch Week, but we still had time to ship some goodies this month. Read on!

Launch Week 6 tickets

Launch Week 6 tickets

Next week, we go all out for LW6. It’s 5 days of shipping, including major features requested by the community. You don’t want to miss a thing, so make sure to claim your free ticket (and you might win some very special SupaSwag).

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Remix Auth Helpers

Remix Auth Helpers

It’s here! The much-awaited Remix Auth Helpers make server-side auth even easier and with a better experience. Up to date with supabase-js V2 and can be used with Typescript.

Read the docs

Edgy Edge Functions

Edgy Edge Function

We launched a new YouTube series, Edgy Edge Functions, where we take a deep look at a new function every week.

Plus, we published three new functions examples: Generate OG Images, Build API servers using Oak, and Generate Screenshots using Puppeteer.

Quick product updates

  • Fixed two issues with the supabase.auth.signOut function: cookies not clearing properly and session not removed.

  • You can now customize magic links by providing access to the {{ .TokenHash }}PR

  • Now you can do redirects from your functions. PR

  • Conda support (conda install -c conda-forge supabase and everything else in py)

Content storm

The Supabase Content Storm

As a prelude to Launch Week 6, we invited dozens of developers from around the world to create content in different formats and publish everything simultaneously!

Check the full list

Fireship’s Supabase course

Fireship’s Supabase course

That guy from the Supaship Youtube channel made a Supabase Course with Fireship! Zack DeRose did an amazing job with this project-based course that builds a Reddit-inspired web app from scratch with Supabase, PostgreSQL, and React.

Get it while it's hot.

Made with Supabase

Made with Supabase

postedbyAI | Allows users to create personalized postcards using advanced AI technology. Built with Vercel, OpenAI, and Supabase.

Discover other great projects: Made with Supabase.

Extended Community Highlights


  • Supabase in 100 Seconds, by Fireship. Video
  • NextAuth Supabase Adapter. Docs
  • Flutter Authentication and Authorization with RLS. Tutorial
  • The pros and cons of using PostgREST. Podcast
  • Querying Supabase from the edge with Netlify and PolyScale. Tutorial
  • JWT Authentication with Supabase and Zuplo for your API. Blog and Video
  • Shipping a public API backed by Supabase. Blog and Video
  • A Guide to testing on Supabase using pgTAP. Guide
  • Using Bytebase to manage the database development lifecycle for Supabase databases
  • The Best Backend as a Service for your React App. Article
  • All You Need to Know About Serverless Functions and the Edge. Article
  • #1 Hack for Building JavaScript Portfolio Projects. Video
  • Livestreaming - Job Board App w/ SvelteKit, Supabase, & Prisma. Youtube Playlist
  • How to connect to and insert data into Supabase with Pipedream. Article and Video
  • Google Sign-In using Supabase and React Native (Expo). Tutorial
  • Fast and Intuitive analytics for Supabase with DB Zaps. Video
  • ReactJS + Supabase Fullstack CRUD Application Development. Youtube Playlist
  • How to connect a ESP8266 to a Streamlit App using Supabase database. Video

Meme Zone

This month’s meme comes courtesy of Fireship. Follow us on Twitter for more.

Supabase meme November 2022

See you next month!

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