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The Supabase Content Storm


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We're always trying to innovate at Supabase, so when we started planning Launch Week 6, we brainstormed ideas for a campaign to promote it that would involve the community. We took a bit of inspiration from things like Weezer’s YouTube takeover and came up with the concept of a Content Storm ⛈.

What is the Content Storm?

The idea was to get many different external content creators as possible to create Supabase-related content and publish everything on the same day. We contacted some well known Youtubers, community members, makers building with Supabase, the SupaSquad, and generally anyone within the Supabase community. We wanted this to be an opportunity for them to build their personal brand or promote their products and startups.

The aftermath of the storm

More than 30 creators participated in creating content in different formats and everything was published today (Tuesday 6th of December). Here is the full list of every piece of content and its author:

It's a lot! There are tons of great resources, going through everything would take a couple of days, so we recommend bookmarking this page! If you like the content, make sure to give feedback to the author and follow them on social.

And don't miss Launch Week 6, we've been working hard to make it our best Launch Week yet 🚀. Get your tickets here.

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