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Supabase Beta October 2021


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Supabase Beta October 2021

We released three new Auth providers, multi-schema support, and we're gearing up for another Launch Week.

Quick recap

Watch a recap of this month's release.

Slack, Spotify, and MessageBird logins

Thanks to @HarryET and our friends at MessageBird we have 3 new Auth providers this month: Slack, Spotify, and MessageBird phone logins.

Supabase Auth: Login with Slack

Multi-schema support


Browse data in any database schema using the Schema switcher in the Dashboard.

Multi-schema support


You can access any schema with your API, after enabling access in the Dashboard. Docs.

Multi-schema support (API)

Fresh Docs and Guides

We have a TON of new guides, with videos too.

Database Functions

Learn about PostgreSQL Functions. Docs.

Auth Overview

Learn about all the exciting features of Auth within Supabase. Docs.

API Features

Learn more about the power of PostgREST for RESTful APIs. Docs.

And more

"Before you launch" checklist


There was a lot of activity this month.

Supabase at Jamstack conf

Supabase attended the Jamstack conf. Watch us catch up with Matt, the cofounder of Netlify (minute 8).

Supabase at Next.js conf

And Jon made a guest appearance at this year's amazing Next.js Conf.

Community Highlights

  • Vue 3 | Workout Tracker App - John Komarnicki video
  • Adalo + Supabase - Flywheel Media video
  • Nuxt 3 Beta + Supabase - BenCodeZen video
  • Made With Supabase (now on Nuxt 3) - Zernonia site
  • Nuxt 3 + Tailwind + Supabase - Ekene Eze video
  • SQL Functions - Răzvan Stătescu article
  • supabase-py v0.0.3 released - repo
  • nuxt-supabase v2.2.1 released - repo
  • vue-supabase v2.2.3 released - repo


We hit 20K stars!! 21,268 to be exact:



Check out some of our other community stats in our latest Series A Blog Post.

Coming Next: Launch Week III

We had Launch Week numero uno in March, and the sequel "Launch Week II: the SQL" in July.

Now we're going even bigger with the third installment: Launch Week III: The Trilogy. Join us on 29th November on our Discord.

Launch Week III

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