Supabase Beta February 2023


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There’s something for everybody this month: AI, Auth, Database, Edge Functions, GraphQL … you name it!

GraphiQL editor in the dashboard

The most popular GraphQL IDE/API explorer is now built into the dashboard! You can now explore and query your GraphQL API produced by pg_graphql.

Try it now.

We've updated our Docs search functionality to use pgvector + OpenAI. Still no cease and desist from Microsoft, so you can continue to ask Clippy any Supabase-specific questions 📎💚

Ask Clippy.

Serve all the functions!

Do you use multiple Edge Functions in your project? Then celebrate! Supabase CLI 1.36+ now supports serving multiple Edge Functions at the same time.

To enable the feature, just run supabase functions serve in your project.

Check the docs.

Smaller Postgres docker images for everyone

We rewrote the Postgres Dockerfile with multi-stage builds so that each extension is compiled in its own separate stage. This reduces the size of the image from 1.3GB to 250MB, enabling a much faster boot time.

See it yourself

New UI for Postgres Roles

We've improved database role management. You can create, update, and delete database roles through the dashboard. Just one small step towards column-level security

Check it out.

API docs in the table editor

API docs got a light touchup and were moved to the table editor. You can now look up API methods and generate & download type files right there ✨

Check it out.

Quick product updates

  • Postgres Extensions: We're rolling out some fixes for several Postgres extensions. Check your Dashboard notifications to see if you need to take any actions.

  • Auth: Added full OpenAPI 3.0 spec which provides a comprehensive overview of the API with documentation on each request. PR

  • Database: supabase-js now infers the response type from your query. If the inferred type is incorrect, you can use .returns<MyType>() to override it. Doc

  • Dashboard: Improved database roles management, you can now create, update and delete database roles through the dashboard. Dashboard

  • Dashboard: We've provided a reference panel showing all available paths that can be queried from each respective source that improves the Logs Explorer experience. Dashboard

Edge Functions: upgraded to Deno 1.30.3, that supports TypeScript 4.9.x and introduces satisfies. Thanks to Benjamin Dobell 🙏. PR

  • Realtime: Broadcast only primary key(s) for deleting records when RLS is enabled and replica identity is full. PR

Next.js with Supabase

Building the next big thing with Supabase and Next.js? Then make sure to check Jon's new video series to help get you (and your app directory) off the ground.

Domain-specific ChatGPT | This starter app uses embeddings coupled with vector search to show how the OpenAI API can be used to create a conversational interface to domain-specific knowledge. Built by Gannon Hall with Next.js, Vercel, gpt-3.5-turbo, pgvector, and Supabase.

Discover 100+ other apps in this tweet.

Extended Community Highlights

  • LangChain supports our database as a vector store, using pgvector. Doc

  • refine week: building a CRUD app with refine & Supabase. Full series

- Build an Instagram Web App with Supabase and Next.js. Tutorial

- Supabase GeoQueries with PostGIS and Storage Upload. Video

- How I used Supabase to build a winning hackathon project. Article

- Using a Supabase API within FlutterFlow. Video

  • Getting started with Supabase in Android. Part 1 | Part 2

  • Streaming User Events from PostgreSQL (Supabase) to Serverless Kafka. Article

- Building a CRUD API with FastAPI and Supabase: A Step-by-Step Guide. Tutorial

- How to build a collaborative SaaS product using Next.js and ZenStack's access control policy. Tutorial

  • Nuxt 3, Tailwind, and Supabase Crash Course. Course

  • A sneak peek at the Supabase and Next.js RSC SaaS kit. Article

  • Build a Fullstack serverless application using React, Chakra UI, Hookstate, and Supabase. Tutorial

  • Implement Sign in with Google using Supabase Auth in Next.js. Tutorial

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