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Supabase Beta October 2022


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During October, we shipped something for everybody: new SDKs, quickstarts, Functions tricks, and more. All are listed here just for you. But, more importantly, Launch Week 6️⃣ has a date!

supabase-js v2 and supabase-flutter v1 released

supabase-js v2 and supabase-flutter v1 released

The new versions of our two most popular SDKs have been fully released. It couldn’t have happened without our amazing community, thanks to everyone involved. Now, it’s time to build 🛠

Try supabase-js V2
Try flutter-supabase V1

New Next.js quickstart & Next.js 13 example

New Next.js quickstart & Next.js 13 example

Next.js is all the rage right now 🔥

Next.js Conf raised the bar for dev conferences. We had the honor of being a Gold Sponsor, so we revamped our Next.js Quickstart guide to include our pre-built Auth UI and Auth Helpers.

And Next.js 13 was announced! Making it extremely easy to fetch and cache data from our Serverless API. So we put together an example to try it out.

Supabase Auth and Server-Side Rendering

Supabase Auth and Server-Side Rendering

The Auth team published an in-depth doc explaining how Supabase Auth supports server-side rendering. Includes an explanation of the authentication flow and answers to some of the more common questions.

Read the docs.

Database Testing with pgTAP

Database Testing with pgTAP

Do you have 100% code coverage? Probably not, because that’s usually the last thing you think of, but definitely not if you don’t have database tests. We just shipped a framework for Database Tests which makes it incredibly easy to test your database using pgTAP and pg_prove.

Learn how it works.

Edge Functions Update

Edge Functions Update

Functions now support GET requests! Other HTTP verbs such as PUT, PATCH, and DELETE are supported too.

Check this example

Quick Product Updates

  • supabase-py 🐍 now has functions support! PR
  • You can now detect users’ location from Edge Functions easily by using X-Forwarded-For header. Example
  • Return provider_refresh_token along with provider_access_token. PR
  • Added a refreshSession method to allow users to forcefully refresh a session instead of waiting for it to autorefresh upon expiry. Thanks to @j4w8n for the PR 🙇🏻‍♂️
  • Logging: realtime, storage, postgrest, and pgbouncer released.
  • Trigger a file download by adding the download query parameter to your storage objects. storage-api. PR

Made with Supabase

Made with Supabase

There were so many amazing apps Made with Supabase this month that we couldn’t choose just one… so here are three:

🚰 Remote Water Feeder by Somangshu Goswami
📊 Decile App by Krishna
📑 Explainpaper by Aman Jha and Jade

If you want to see +100 other apps, check the replies.

Extended Community Highlights


  • Mark Buggraf sat down to chat about postgres-wasm with LogRocket. Podcast
  • A collection of awesome Supabase resources. awesome-supabase
  • All the Happy Hour Hacktoberfest episodes. Episode 1 | Episode 2 | Episode 3
  • Hacking the PostgREST Headers: Oh, the Things You Can Do! Article
  • Why we’re moving away from Firebase. Blog post
  • Basejump SaaS starter for Supabase. Repo
  • SvelteKit + Supabase CRUD with RLS: Row-Level Security! Video
  • Building a startup (build log 2#): Authenticating students with Supabase. Blog Post
  • CRUD with Supabase in Flutter. Tutorial
  • Phone Auth with self-hosted Supabase. Video
  • My Future with Elixir: set-theoretic types. Blog Post
  • Upload media to Supabase from remote URL with nodejs. Blog Post
  • Say goodbye to backend development. Video

Launch Week 6 date announced

We are ending 2022 on a high note ✊. Mark your calendars: Launch Week 6 is happening on December 12-16.

In the meantime, revisit LW5.

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