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Supabase Swag Store


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Today we are officially launching the Supabase Swag Store.

Since we started gifting swag, we are constantly asked, "when will you launch a store?". We take our swag game seriously. We're as hands-on with our swag as we are with our repos. When you receive an item of swag from Supabase, you can be confident that we designed it, managed the production, packed it, and posted it.

This process often means late nights for the team, making sure things are packed and ready to dispatch for the next day. Why? Because we want to offer high-quality swag to our users.

Swag Shipping

Swaggable Behavior

Our primary goal with swag is gifting. We send swag to developers who make meaningful contributions to Supabase in a variety of ways. This includes:

  • 📺 Creating Supabase related content.
  • 🐛 Finding bugs in our software and reporting them or helping fix them.
  • ⁉️ Answering questions and helping on GitHub discussions, Discord, Twitter.
  • 👨‍💻 Developers who create pull requests on GitHub.
  • 📲 Advocates who share Supabase related content on social media.
  • 📚 Developers who contribute to open source libraries

Swag Winners

For example, Hassan's tweet caught our eye because the idea is innovative and uses Supabase as part of an interesting tech stack. We are amazed by the creative use cases you all find for Supabase. We love it when folks #buildinpublic and share open-source examples that benefit the entire community.

We do our best to identify members of the community engaging in these "swaggable behavior". We don't have a specific benchmark for these activities. We can say, if you are engaging in these behaviors regularly, then our Chief Swag Officer will find you and will get swag to you. We also like to do occasional random giveaways to show some love for folks in the conversation. We will continue to announce these via Twitter and Discord.

I will find you

We have had significant demand from users who just wanted to rock some Supabase swag. So, we decided to launch the Supabase Swag Store.

We will put our hands up here and tell you we built the store using Shopify. We couldn't dogfood an entire eCommerce store. Shopify is good enough, and we wanted to go live with this as part of launch week 🚀 👩‍🚀

Due to the lack of outsourcing, we need to highlight several things about the Supabase store:

  • We post from Singapore 💌 . There is currently a pandemic underway that is disrupting the international postal services. We currently have limited shipping options, and delivery can take some time. We are now trying to improve our delivery options while keeping as much control of the swag supply chain as possible. You can read more about our shipping conditions here.
  • Swag is limited. We do limited production runs, usually to around 100 t-shirts at a time 👕
  • If it's in stock on the site, then you can buy it. If it's not, we will be working on a restock. The priority with inventory is to reward those contributing to Supabase. We will be actively trying to gift swag. When swag does land, it will likely sell out quickly. You can sign up to get alerted when there is a new swag drop. You can let us know here 👉 [email protected]
  • In-house designs and small runs mean some swag will be limited edition. Once it's gone, it's gone forever. You might need to be fast to get it while it's 🔥

Check out the Supabase Swag Store

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