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Hey, we are Calda! A mobile and web app development agency helping established businesses and startups realize their ideas into cutting-edge products.

Through a fast and agile development approach, we can develop scalable, secure, and robust applications in weeks, not months.

We have acquired a certification of expertise from:

  • Supabase;
  • FlutterFlow and;
  • WeWeb.

Everything we do, we do for our customers. This approach has earned us a 9.8 client recommendation score, which proves our dedication to building unique products for our customers.

We are a Supabase-experienced team with more than 20 projects in the past year. We have experience in working with seemingly everything that Supabase has to offer (Database, User Auth, Edge Functions, Realtime tables, Storage, and Vector DB).


Our agile development approach allows us to help all kinds of companies - from Startups, Scaleups, SMBs and Enterprises.

SMBs and Enterprise

We help SMBs and Enterprises optimize their workflows by developing custom business applications.

We have worked with multi-national companies like Knauf Insulation and helped SMBs with various business applications, everything from Sales tools, AI corporate assistants, Administrative applications, CRMs, and transforming complex Excel tools into fully custom web applications.

A combination of our expertise and Supabase’s incredible solution enables us to deliver custom, scalable, and secure enterprise applications in a matter of weeks, not months.

Scaleups & Startups

Our development approach is perfect for Scaleups and Startups, where speed is the name of the game. We can help your startup go from an idea to a working product in less than six weeks or help grow your Scaleup by upgrading your MVP to a fully scalable solution.

We worked with Startups from Europe, the USA, the UK, and the Middle East to reach a $6.2 million company value after the launch of their business.

Our expertise

Our in-house experts are experienced in:

  • Javascript, Typescript & Vue.js
  • Python
  • Flutter & React Native
  • UX/UI design
  • Project management
  • AI development
  • 3D, Graphic, and Motion design

We are also an agency certified with the following tools:

  • Supabase (20+ projects);
  • WeWeb (one of the first 10-ever & one of the only two agencies with both Supabase and WeWeb certificates);
  • FlutterFlow (only agency with both Supabase and WeWeb certificates).

How we use Supabase

Supabase gives us the best of both worlds. On the one hand, it allows us to be super fast with our development process, while on the other hand, it allows us to build for scale.

We love Supabase because:

  • Super fast development process - we use Supabase to double-down on developing solutions in a matter of weeks, not months;
  • Security - utilizing security features like User auth and Row-level security allows us to develop secure solutions for our customers:
  • Super admin console - the possibility to manage users, data and storage directly in the Supabase console, eliminates the need to build separate Super Admin panels and thus reduces development time;
  • Ease of integration - the one thing we love about Supabase is the ease of integration of Supabase to other development tools like WeWeb and FlutterFlow.

Overall, we always utilize everything that Supabase has to offer to eliminate the need for 3rd party solutions for easier long-term app management and scalability.

Our ideal Supabase project

We love working on challenging projects with real-life impact - everything from business applications to optimizing business processes to world-changing startup projects. The thrill of creating something from scratch and that might change the way people live and work is what drives our team on a daily basis.