Hey, we’re Calda. A mobile and web app development agency primarily working on developing MVPs for early-stage startups or more prominent companies which are launching new products.

Our founding team understands the pain points of launching your product as a startup, which is why we decided to help teams all around the world launch their apps and find their first customers.

A big part of what we do is speed to the market, which is extremely important to most of our clientele. This is why we use a low-code approach to build MVPs in less than 4 weeks. We’ve used tools like FlutterFlow, Draftbit, WeWeb, and Bravo Studio to build 20+ projects with Supabase.


We do everything from top to bottom. We help teams who come to us only with an idea, as well as those who already have an existing app but need a new and better backend solution.

From 0 to 1 in less than 4 weeks

Where we live the most is realizing people’s dreams before they even wake up. Early-stage startups with ideas to change the world must first understand if anyone would be ready to pay for their solution.

And we help exactly these kind of companies launch their product quickly, find their first customers, get valuable feedback, and build on that.

Even though we take great pride in being fast in the development process, as this is one of the essential attributes early-stage startups look for in their development teams, we always think about the future. We always build to scale, which is why we love Supabase!

Helping big corporations be agile

We’ve also worked a lot with big multi-national corporations, which wanted to innovate and optimise the way they interact with their customers and how they manage their internal processes.

From integration of AI, to customer-facing apps, we always strive to allow this kind of companies be as agile as possible, as we understand that this is the difference-maker that could propel them above their competition.

From 1 to 10 and beyond

Even though we specialize in MVP development, we also help our customers grow beyond their MVP. Around 30% of our customers come back to us to continue to build on their MVP to add new functionalities and make their app better to use for their customers.

A list of our services:

  • Javascript & Typescript
  • Python
  • React Native & Flutter
  • Low-code development
  • UX/UI design
  • Project management
  • 3D, Graphic, and Motion design
  • Serverless Data Engineering
  • AI integration

How we use Supabase

Supabase gives us the best of both worlds. On the one hand, it allows us to be super fast with our development process, while on the other hand, it allows us to build for scale.

We always look for solutions that are best suitable for what our clients need. In most cases, Supabase is a no-brainer, allowing us to develop MVPs quickly. At the same time, our customers don’t have to worry about tomorrow because they know that Supabase will be able to support their growth.

Features we like the most:

  • Being able to manually manage the data;
  • Edge functions;
  • Row-level security;
  • Ease of integration with FlutterFlow and other dev tools.

Our Ideal Supabase Project

Our ideal Supabase project would be helping a team bring their idea to life. Working with a team that only has an idea and is looking for a development team to help launch the MVP. We love developing MVPs and the thrill of creating something entirely new that might change the world and how people live their lives.

From idea to user-flow analysis, to UX and UI design, to frontend and backend development. This is where we live! We typically work on 14-day sprints under a retainer model, which allows us to be super fast.