Feelantera is a creative digital agency based in Indonesia. We craft web applications with cutting-edge technology. Our small team will help you to build cost-effective digital products to solve your business problems. We’re focused and deeply experienced in the technology powering today’s best businesses.


Tailor Made Web Application

Our web development team blends leading talent with experience, which means they are able to meet all your web services needs, no matter the complexity. Leading proficiency in building Jamstack sites, good in Javascript or Typescript, as well as Golang and Laravel.

Rapid Mobile Application

We can build an agile and robust mobile application. This is possible because our team uses cutting-edge technology, both on the backend and frontend. Our mobile development team has proficiency in React Native and Flutter.

Engaging Users

Building digital products are not only about technology but also about how we can market them effectively. We partner with a dedicated team that specializes in digital marketing and social media optimization to help you reach users.

How we use Supabase

Time is precious. Managing and scaling on-premises infrastructure can be a waste of time. That's why we chose to use Supabase as a backend solution that can be deployed as soon as possible.

Don’t worry about the platform scalability, Supabase will take care of it. Also, Supabase is Open Source software, you can install it on your own servers if you want. No vendor lock-in.

In the various cases, we use built-in Supabase features such as authentication, authorization, and object storage. This will save time and reduce costs.

Our Ideal Supabase Project

Do more with your software, and do right by your business. We try our best, and we make sure we deliver the best, and we make it happen. Our focus is on building a digital product from ideation until used by millions of users.

  • Talk to us about your idea.
  • We will analyze the requirements.
  • We will build your amazing product.
  • Deliver it to your valuable users.

We love Open Source. And we are passionate about it. Unlock the potential of Open Source possibility, no vendor lock-in, scalable, customizable.