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Jensen Labs


Jensen Labs is a software development agency in Brisbane, Australia. We work with a range of clients, from startups looking to build exciting and innovative products, to enterprise players looking to modernise their operations. We strongly believe in the use of cutting edge technologies to deliver optimal outcomes, and follow a rigid and transparent development process.


Jensen Labs offers development, maintenance, and support across the entirety of the software development lifecycle. Specifically:

  • Full stack development.
  • Backend migrations.
  • Supabase integrations.
  • Deployment management.
  • Observability Integrations.
  • Software maintenance.

How we use Supabase

In software development, you rarely get technologies that are both simple and powerful, and Supabase is just that. It's embedded within our technology stack, serving as an indispensable tool. From leveraging Postgres tables to manage complex data, employing storage buckets for efficient file handling, to streamlining user authentication, Supabase's suite of capabilities addresses our diverse needs, thus enhancing our services.

Project inception often begins with a fundamental question: "How can Supabase make our clients' lives easier?" This reflects our commitment to deploying Supabase's strengths for better client-focused outcomes. It improves reliability, as there’s an army of open source contributors working on the project, while also speeding up our development process dramatically. Clients love both of these things.

In a nutshell, our use of Supabase is driven by a commitment to efficiency, scalability, and client satisfaction. It's this partnership that enables us to deliver superior, robust solutions across various projects, ultimately enhancing the client experience.

Our Ideal Supabase Project

Our ideal project is one where the client is genuinely driven to innovate and build something exciting. Often this takes the form of an enterprise client who wishes to modernise the way they deal with data, and other times it takes the form of a well-funded startup looking to build something that has never been done before. We can work with both, and have a special affinity for startups, as our team are also founders :).