Morrow is an app development agency headquartered in Bristol, UK. Our mission is to consult, build and support cutting-edge innovation.

Our specialisms are working with Supabase, React Native, Netlify and Swell to produce bespoke solutions that are robust and beautiful.

Morrow was awarded UK App Dev Agency of the Year 2022.


Scaling Startups

Once MVP is complete, the pressure ramps up. Investors want increased valuations and customers need that next killer feature. All the while, the risk of major bugs or platform instability could cause irreparable damage to your fledgling brand and market position.

At Morrow, we deep dive into your tech stack, development practises and software architecture to paint a clear picture of the good, the bad and the ugly. We then bring together our technical specialists and scalable cloud vendors to form a robust and scalable strategy for your platform or service.

Once the plan is agreed upon, we’re often hired to execute with ongoing strategic reviews and technical governance. Our expert team are battled-hardened startup scalers and have enabled high growth for Ownable, Sole Retriever and Koodos amongst others.

Engaging Users

A delightful and rewarding user experience is a non-negotiable in today’s competitive digital landscape. UX is the cornerstone of competitive advantage and has dramatic effects on churn, brand advocacy and customer engagement.

Good UX is swish design and smooth user flows. Excellent UX levels these up with custom animation, painless onboarding and timely strategic review.

Morrow has the capabilities, confidence and tooling to take your product assumptions, challenge you and produce a superior experience for your users. We work with red routes, user flow diagrams and Figma prototypes to finesse until your product is a joy.

Optimising React Native

Our first love and founding specialism is React Native. We work with clients to optimise and push their apps to the limit of the framework’s capabilities.

This involves everything from bespoke components and fluid animations to build-chain automation and service integration.

Our capabilities include Expo CI/CD, library integration, augmented reality, Bluetooth and 3D visualisation.

How we use Supabase

We use Supabase for two key reasons: development efficiency and platform scalability. Modern development requires a decoupled approach in order to maximise the value of individual services and ensure flexibility for new requirements.

In greenfield projects, we use Supabase to provide essential common functionality such as login and storage out of the box. This saves time, money and reduces risks. Clients and developers alike love the tooling that comes built-in, saving every team 100s of hours of convoluted configuration.

For existing systems, Supabase is our dynamic and flexible hub with which to augment, replace or enhance existing subsystems and functionality. Supabase is “easy in, easy out”, so it helps us de-risk vendor lock-in. You can go as deep or shallow as the project needs without compromising scalability and avoid monolith approaches.

Our Ideal Supabase Project

Our ideal project is an existing frontend app with an ageing or limited backend that needs full-stack rationalization in order to support growth. Perhaps you built your platform in-house using available skills but now need a professional development team to take that to the next level.

We typically work with clients over 6-18 months on a retainer basis to embed our best practices in the client culture and leave a legacy that extends beyond our engagement. Most of our clients are UK or US based and VC-backed and/or profitable. We like ambitious firms who are re-defining their space and willing to invest in the cutting edge.