Quinence, established in 2017, is Singapore's premier product development studio.

We build digital products that delight. You give us an idea, and we deliver the complete experience with hyper-scalable infrastructure. ​


​ Quinence does two things really well. ​

Building Cloud-native Products

​ Focused on Cloud and Blockchain, taking an idea and making it a full-fledged product is where we shine. From marketing AI to large, sold-out NFT collections, we build cloud-native, hyper-scalable products that delight. ​ ​

Tech Training

​ We teach how to build next-gen digital products with Cloud and Blockchain. We provide offline and self-served training, ranging from Cloud technologies to Blockchain. We have one of the most comprehensive courses on Supabase. We also directly work with and teach for leading Blockchain companies — including IBM Hyperledger, Web3 Foundation, Tezos, and Zilliqa. ​

How we use Supabase

​ Supabase is our go-to for backend-as-a-service. We have pioneered using the most bleeding edge products from Supabase, for example, the first production use of Realtime in a massive NFT project.

We have used every product and feature from Supabase in numerous projects — be it the auth to facilitate flexible and smooth user onboarding, a database with robust authentication baked in, or storage to host and stream large media files. ​

Our Ideal Supabase Project

​ We focus on building digital full-stack products from ideation to millions of users. ​

  • Our in-house design and user experience team shapes the branding and user journey, closely working with the technical team to push boundaries.
  • We are TypeScript-first and Rust-second. For the frontend, we love Remix and Next.js.
  • When it comes to user interaction, we make every millisecond count.

We also specialize in migrating to Supabase, especially from Firebase to Supabase.