Tinloof is an agency that designs and develops e-commerce, marketing websites, web applications, and mobile apps.

Featured Projects

  • Goalimpact is an objective player rating platform.
  • Heavybit is a San Francisco-based investor in developer-first startups.
  • Loop is an event organized by Ableton.
  • Zego is a commercial motor insurance provider.


What we build

We design and build marketing websites, headless commerce, web applications, and mobile apps.

Design services

Our design services include branding, UX/UI design, and design audits.

Development services

We’re a fullstack agency providing both backend and frontend development, page speed optimization, and technical SEO.

How we use Supabase

Most web applications provide features tailored to users that are protected by a signup/login flow. This could be through an email and password, magic link, or Single Sign-On (SSO).

Our tool of choice to easily implement any authentication and user management flow is Supabase.

We use Supabase because it allows us to deliver user-friendly and secure authentication flows. We can do that because Supabase provides built-in APIs and JavaScript libraries to implement and fully customize any protected backend.

It also deploys a Postgres database by default in the cloud that is protected against DDOS attacks, so we can just focus on implementing features.

Our Ideal Supabase Project

We like to work with companies who are eager to grow and use the latest technologies to make their product faster and easier to manage.