Who We Are

Voypost is a Berlin-based Software Development company that helps SMEs, startups, and scaleups to design and build the right digital solutions with the right people.

Now we have a team of 55 professionals and have delivered 50+ projects.

More about us through our clients 5-star reviews on Clutch.

What We Do

Full-cycle product development. We design, build, and scale digital products for SMEs, startups, and scaleups. Our expertise extends to Supabase, one of the most powerful open-source solutions for backend development. We take full responsibility for your product and its quality, enabling you to market an awesome product or MVP as quickly as possible.

Digital acceleration. Primarily for SMEs and well-established businesses, we digitize and automate their processes, transforming traditional operations into efficient, streamlined workflows. This typically involves developing internal tools or integrating AI to enhance productivity and reduce manual errors.

We’re Experts In

A few years ago, we started our journey with Supabase, and it has proven to be a battle-tested solution across many projects for us. Nowadays, we may confidently declare – we've elevated our Supabase skills to an exceptional standard.

To back up what was just said, let us showcase Inkly – an innovative contract negotiation platform that successfully secured a $1M investment. Want to know more details? Delve deeper into this case study here – Inkly Case Study.

Our core technologies:

  • Web/Frontend: JavaScript/TypeScript, React.js (+Next.js)

  • Mobile Development: React Native, Swift, Kotlin

  • Backend: Node.js (+Express.js, +Nest.js)

  • Serverless: Supabase

  • AI Development & Automation: Open AI, Zapier,, RPA, Botpress, TensorFlow

Why Us

Our approach is all about agile delivery. There’s never a perfect plan; we're sprinting through flexible weekly milestones. Have a fixed budget and scope? We can deal with it as well.

360° Responsibility. We're responsible for the end result. No place for delays or delivery issues.

Vast Experience. We deliver efficiently because 80% of what you need we've done in 50+ other projects.

Quality is a Must-Have. Pay after testing yourself. All features pass our QA/Code Review before submission.

Flexible Commitment. Scale up/down a team if needed. We easily adjust to your needs.

Agile Workflow. Weekly demos to get your feedback. We revise the product roadmap if need be.

Transparency. Our work, code and technical solutions are always open to you. You have access to all tools.

Fixed Standards. Every project is done using the same standards so it’s easily maintained by other teams.

How We Use Supabase

Supabase + Voypost = Chemistry

In the Inkly project, we streamlined the contract redlining process for diverse agreements, prioritizing ease of use and thoroughness for non-experts. Our application uses previous contracts to enhance and expedite new contract creation, incorporating tracking of professional contributions and visual representation for improved collaboration. Voypost developers crafted a flexible interface and vital data infrastructure, closely collaborating with Inkly's team, allowing for seamless transitions like moving from Firebase to Supabase.

Our experience is particularly valuable for SMEs and startups needing a fast-tracked MVP within a tight budget. Here’s where Supabase is invaluable, as it offers:

  • Quick development: Get your project done in weeks, not in never-ending months or even years.

  • Security: Supabase has already taken care of your sensitive data. No data breaches, only pure reliability.

  • Compatibility: You never know how much your project will grow. No matter what, Supabase is easily compatible with various tools, making your product easy-to-scale or upgrade.

Supabase is not another tool, it’s a mindset.

Our Ideal Supabase Project

Our ideal Supabase project is where ideas meet passion. If you’re driven by big ambitions to develop impactful digital products – count us in. We love to be challenged, and not afraid to take on complex solutions: from SaaS to simple apps.

Founded in 2018 as a B2C product startup ourselves, we pivoted multiple times and, by 2019, established a service to assist other companies in ready-to-market product development. Our main partners are located in Europe and the US.