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zerodays is Slovenia-based software development team specializing in end-to-end custom solutions. From ideation and initial design, prototyping to testing and delivering an outstanding final product, we are with you every step of the way.

Our areas of work include:

  • Web and Mobile Apps
  • Business Digitalization and Process Automation solutions
  • Software for custom robots


Startup Program

Our main focus is the Startup Program, where we work closely with your team to create custom software solutions that are suited to your needs, and exceed your expectations.

At zerodays, we aim to seamlessly integrate ourselves into your startup team at any stage necessary. Whether you're in the initial ideation phase or have already made strides in development, our experts are ready to contribute their skills to drive your project forward.

The startup program starts with a discovery phase where we get to know you, your users, and your market. From there, we move into prototyping and iterative development to adapt to your wishes and refine your product until it's perfect. Along the way, we offer consulting services like research, project management, and technical guidance to make sure everything stays on track.

How we use Supabase

We use Supabase primarily in our Startup Program. As startups often work on tight timelines, Supabase’s pre-built components and APIs allow us to accelerate development, enabling us to iterate quickly and bring your ideas to life faster, while remaining cost-efficient.

One of our recent projects is Astra AI, where we used Supabase because of:

  • Rapid Prototyping: We’ve never built a database faster than with Supabase, while retaining all the flexibility of a custom backend, allowing us to move fast in the initial development phase.
  • Future compatibility: Supabase does not lock us into their way of doing things - it is just PostgreSQL (a widely used database) under the hood, allowing us to pivot at any time and seamlessly migrate the project to any other suitable architecture.
  • Type safety: End-to-end type safety prevents the majority of the bugs from even being created in the first place, without any additional effort required.
  • Developer admin console: A built-in database admin panel with settings and insights is something we’d need to build sometime down the line for almost every project. As Supabase comes with this straight out of the box, it saves us time right from the get-go.
  • Seamless user authentication: Supabase provides a developer-friendly authentication solution, comparable to Auth0. However, Supabase is much more cost-effective, which is what we strive for.

By utilizing Supabase, we ensure that the software solutions we create for your startup are not only tailored to your needs but are also built on a foundation that fosters growth, innovation, and efficiency. Our commitment to leveraging the latest technologies and methodologies demonstrates our dedication to helping your startup thrive in today's competitive landscape.

Our Ideal Supabase Project

We like a challenge - we enjoy working on bleeding edge projects, utilizing the latest technologies and designing great user interfaces for the apps of the future.

Supabase allows us to do that by streamlining the “code-monkey” part of the job and letting us focus on the services and parts of the project where our expertise is needed most. That might include anything from AI, data science and highly optimized algorithms to envisioning pleasant user interfaces for complex tasks.

If you are looking for an efficient, future-oriented team with expertise that will help you develop your project, lead you through the entire process from idea to launch, and deliver outstanding results, reach out to us!