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Launch Week X is next week! A lot has changed since our first Launch Week: we are now a team of 70+ across more than 25 countries, shipping new features and improving our platform faster than ever for almost 500k users.

But something hasn’t changed: our mission to be the best developer platform in the world. Join us for another edition of the event that redefined the launching playbook for devtools.

Launch Week X

Launch Week X

Number 10! A week of launches, and this time we are shipping multiple things every day. Make sure to get your ticket for the chance to snag some beautiful LWX swag.

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LWX Hackathon

LWX Hackathon

We can’t have a LW without a hackathon. You get ten days to build an open source app and the chance to add your name to the Supabase Hackathon Hall of Fame. Wanna get a team? Go check our Discord.

Resumable Uploads for everyone

REsumable uploads

With Resumable Uploads, you can continue uploading a file from where you left off, even if you lose internet connectivity or accidentally close your browser tab while uploading. We have now made Resumable Uploads available for all projects on the Pro Plan. You can now upload files as large as 50GB.

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Automatic CLI login

Automatic CLI login

Logging in the CLI is as simple as typing supabase login . Using the browser instead of copying the API keys from the dashboard manually. Small tweak to the flow, huge DX improvement!

Read how it works.

libcluster_postgres an open source Elixir library for clustering nodes

Elixir and Postgres logos

We needed a way for the Elixir servers to "discover" each other. Elixir has an excellent library for this called "libcluster". We use Postgres as the common substrate between all the nodes in our Realtime service and created a Postgres strategy for libcluster.

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Quick product announcements

  • [Edge Functions] Connecting to Postgres directly from an edge function (using a Postgres client) will use SSL by default. Users don’t need to configure anything. [PR]
  • [Auth] Pro projects can now configure time-boxed sessions and inactivity timeouts. [Doc]
  • [Dashboard] Added wildcard hints for Storage bucket allowed MIME types in create/edit modal. [PR]

The missing pieces to your AI app (pgvector + RAG in prod)

Real world RAG with pgvector

Greg Richardson turned his acclaimed workshop from the AI Engineer Summit into video so everyone could learn best practices to build AI apps and deploy applications in the real world.

Watch the video workshop

Supabase and React Native resources

Supabase and React Native

Thor's been diving into the cross-platform mobile scene, showing off how Supabase can be used with React Native to build powerful and scalable apps. And of course, he has created some pretty cool content with all the secrets!

Made with Supabase: Shotgun

Supabase and Shotgun logos

Discover how Supabase helped Shotgun, an event ticketing platform with over 3 million users, to reduce their database infrastructure costs by 83% and streamline systems.

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Extended community highlights

Community Highlights

  • Build your own chatbot with Python, OpenAI, and Pipedream. Tutorial
  • Why we replaced Pinecone with PGVector. Article
  • How to Send Alerts from Supabase. Tutorial
  • FastAPI Template for LLM SaaS Part 1 — Auth and File Upload. Tutorial
  • SaaS Notion Clone with Realtime cursors, Nextjs 13, Stripe, Drizzle and more. Video
  • How to Send Alerts from Supabase. Article
  • Building a full stack product with TypeScript. Video
  • Flutter Flow: Use Supabase to show custom markers on Google Maps. Tutorial
  • Build a SaaS Markdown blog with Next.js 14, Stripe, Tailwind, Supabase, React. Video
  • My Journey: Deploying a Django App on Vercel with Supabase. Tutorial

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