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After your side-project becomes wildly viral, and you've graduated into a “serious business”, delivering a more branded experience is probably one of the items at the bottom of your checklist.

To that end, we're releasing custom domains, and vanity subdomains, to help you present a more polished product to your users.

Custom Domains

Custom domains allow you to use your own domain for your Supabase project.

Instead of seeing:

your users instead interact with


Today, we're making Custom Domains generally available, and they're now accessible as a paid add-on through the Supabase dashboard.

Get your custom domain in the Dashboard

Vanity Subdomains

Vanity Subdomains allow you to choose a subdomain on Supabase's own domain.

Instead of hosting your services on a randomly assigned subdomain:

you can choose one that's relevant to your project, for example:

Vanity Subdomains are offered at no additional cost for all projects on a paid plan, and are being launched in a closed beta.

Instructions for setting up Vanity Subdomains are now available in our docs.


In this release, we still have some limitations that we're working through:

  1. Edge Functions don't support custom domains or vanity subdomains yet, so you have to use the current endpoint to access them.
  2. Right now, you can only set up one custom domain or vanity subdomain per project.

We're working hard to fix these limitations, so stay tuned for future updates.

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