Launch Week 6 Hackathon Winners


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We ended 2022 shipping tons of features in Launch Week 6, but the fun hasn’t ended yet, because we get to announce the winners of our Hackathon No.6!

As usual, we enjoyed looking at all the awesome projects, and this time we got to share the excitement with the folks from Deno, who judged the Best Edge Functions Project. You can view all the submissions on

And now, without further ado, congratulations to the winners of Supabase Launch Week 6 Hackathon!

Best Overall Project


Depulso - by @_iamkarthikeyan and @SindhuMansi.

Depulso is a CLI and a web app to easily and quickly setup static site deployments. Each deployment gets assigned a subdomain with SSL.


Runner Up

Supa SQL App - by @luis_rodge.

Supa SQL App turns human language into SQL queries. Simply tell it what you want to do and it will generate the SQL query for you.

Supa SQL App

Most Fun/Interesting


HTTP Sense - by @tchyut_p and @nkitsaini.

HTTP Sense is a reverse proxy and network monitoring tool that provides comprehensive network monitoring for your backend servers and microservices. It provides a secure and high-performance gateway that can be used to monitor incoming traffic.

HTTP Sense

Runner Up

supabase-js-rs - by @wa1aric.

supabase-js-rs is a rust bindings for Supabase JavaScript library via WebAssembly. You can import it in your Rust WASM project to interact with Supabase.


Best Flutter Project


supaquiz - Multiplayer trivia/quiz game - by @yallurium.

Supaquiz is a realtime multiplayer trivia/quiz game where you can host or join games with other players remotely.

supaquiz - Multiplayer trivia/quiz game

Best Storage Project


Lookout - by Aman, Nivas, Hari, and Sabesh.

Lookout is an application that lets you discover images from across various media by searching them using their metadata - their properties, content inside the image, textual data found inside the image etc.


Runner Up

Penelope AI - by @taishik_.

Penelope AI is an AI writing assistant that can summarize, paraphrase, create stories, and auto-complete from your writing.

Penelope AI - Unleash the power of your writing with the most sophisticated AI writing assistant.

Best Edge Functions Project


Vista - by @zernonia.

Vista is a video transcoder that adds subtitles from the audio. The design of the subtitles are customizable to fit the theme of the video.


Runner Up

Supa Que - by @suciptodev.

Supa Que is a serverless queue worker.

Supa Que

The Prizes

As promised in the hackathon announcement article the winners of the Best overall project will be granted the extremely limited edition Supabase Darkmode Keyboard!

Supabase Keyboard

Each members of the winners in other categories will receive a limited edition supaverified swag kit, and the winners of the Best Edge Functions projects will receive swag kits from the Deno team.

Swag kit

The swag kits are limited edition and extremely valuable, so keep them safe! Again, congratulations on all the winners!

Hang out with us and the winners of the Hackathon

To celebrate the massive success of the Hackathon, we are hosting a Discord Stage Channel and inviting the winners and everyone who participated. Join us on Thursday, Jan 5th at 7:00 AM PST.

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