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This launch week was unique. We had so much content that we decided to do a “main stage”, with five major features, and a “build stage” with additional content. It's a lot to digest, so here are 10 of my favorites.

Top 10

#1: We teamed up with Fly

We're launching Fly Postgres, a managed Postgres offering by Supabase and Fly's current Postgres offering is unmanaged, so we're working with them to bring the same delightful Postgres experience to Fly.

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#2: We launched Supabase Grafana

We shipped an open source observability suite for your Supabase project, using Prometheus and Grafana. It collects around 200 metrics and can be deployed to any server.

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#3: pg_graphql now supports Postgres Functions

Supabase GraphQL (pg_graphql) 1.4+ supports the most requested feature: Postgres functions a.k.a. User Defined Functions. Execute custom SQL logic within GraphQL queries to support complex server-side operations.

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#4: Python libs are now stable

Supabase Python is now stable and ready to use in your Python applications. We've created a few guides and examples to show how easy it is to use Python libraries with existing frameworks like Flask.

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#5: Aggregate Functions in PostgREST

Support for aggregate functions has been much requested feature that went through multiple iterations of design and review. PostgREST 12 was just released and it now supports avg, count, max, min, sum.

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#6: Supavisor 1.0

Supavisor is a cloud-native connection pooler for Postgres, built with Elixir. We've migrated all projects on the platform from pgbouncer to Supavisor. Every new Supabase project launched now gets a Supavisor connection string to use for connection pooling.

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#7: Edge Functions now support Node & NPM

Edge Functions now natively supports npm modules and Node built-in APIs. You can directly import millions of popular, commonly used npm modules into your Edge Functions.

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#8: Leaked Password Protection with Have I Been Pwned

we have integrated the Pwned Passwords API in Supabase Auth to prevent users from using leaked passwords. This will prevent your users from using a password that has previously been leaked.

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#9: Supabase Branching

Branching gives you a Postgres database for every Pull Request. You can run experimental changes on your branch database, and then merge your changes into production when you're happy with the changes. We're rolling out branching in batches.

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#10: Postgres Read Replicas

Read replicas continuously, well, replicate data from a primary database. It contains a constantly-updated copy of the data in your Primary. These are great for distributing data closer to your users to reduce application latency, and for reducing the load on your Primary database.

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Bonus: we dropped an Album

I made a bet with Sam that we would make an album. Luckily Jon has a side hobby. Check out

Cool things from the community

I also wanted to highlight a few things that happened in the community over the past few weeks:

Local AI Stack with Yoko from a16z

I caught up with Yoko from Andreessen Horowitz to chat about the Local AI stack that she developed with Supabase, Ollama, Langchain, and Next.js.

Finance integrations with OpenBB

Didier explained the origins of OpenBB Terminal, the first financial terminal that is free and fully open source. He shared some details about the integration that he's building with Supabase.

Offline sync with ElectricSQL

Offline sync is one of the most requested features for Supabase. I caught up with the team at ElectricSQL to learn more about their integration.

Basejump is like “shadcn for Supabase”

In the past few months, Tiniscule has been quietly upgrading the Basejump starter kit for Supabase. I think of it a bit like shadcn for Supabase - super easy to template out a secure, scalable enterprise app. Along the way, he's been developing periphery tooling like test helpers, and pushing us to provide better primitives. One of our most common questions is “accounts and permissions?”. Basejump solves that and more.


Mockup madness from tldraw

Oh, and the tldraw team have been on an absolute tear this week:

In case you missed it …

And finally…

We wouldn't be anything without Postgres.

Postgres meme

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