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Supabase is now available on the AWS Marketplace, Simplifying Procurement for Enterprise customers.

With this week's announcement of Supabase entering General Availability (GA), we are making it easier than ever for large development teams to deploy Supabase into their organization. In support of that goal, we're happy to share that Supabase is now available for purchase through the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Marketplace. Whether your company is looking for a quick way to deploy a vector database with Amazon Bedrock or looking for a scalable solution to migrate from Firebase, Supabase is bringing the ability to “build in a weekend, scale to millions” to customers of all sizes.

About the AWS Marketplace

The AWS Marketplace is a catalogue of thousands of third-party software listings, data, and services that run on AWS and are managed from a centralised location. By purchasing Supabase subscription through the AWS Marketplace, customers can benefit from a simplified billing and procurement process through their AWS account. Additionally, Supabase purchases made through the AWS Marketplace will count towards any spend commitment customers have with AWS, making it easy to meet those commitments faster.

Getting Started

Are you an AWS customer and ready to deploy Supabase into your organization? To get started, visit the Supabase listing on the AWS Marketplace.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which Supabase plans are available through the AWS Marketplace?

At launch, Team and Enterprise plans are available through AWS Marketplace billing for customers with annual pre-commitment contracts. Customers can still sign up for the Free plan directly from the Supabase website.

Is the version of Supabase on the AWS Marketplace a SaaS solution or do I need to host it in my own AWS account?

Supabase on the AWS Marketplace is a SaaS solution and requires no provisioning of additional AWS resources.

Where will I see how much I'm being charged for Supabase?

All billing through the AWS Marketplace will be charged through your AWS bill. Check the billing console from your cloud provider.

Does Supabase offer a free trial through the AWS Marketplace?

Customers interested in trying out Supabase can use the free tier offering directly available from Supabase.

Can I change plans while being billed through AWS Marketplace?

Yes, you can still make changes to your plan through the billing page in the Supabase Dashboard or through your Account Manager.

Can I switch to billing through AWS Marketplace if I am already a Supabase customer?

Yes, please use the Enterprise Contact Form and include the email address of your existing Supabase account for assistance with making the switch.

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Build in a weekend, scale to millions