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Supabase Beta February 2021


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Supabase is an open source Firebase alternative. We've now been building for one year. Here's what we released last month.

Quick demo

Watch a full demo:

Dashboard Sidebars

We've improved the UX of our Dashboard with sidebars in every section, including the Table view, the Auth section, and the SQL Editor.

Our dashboard has sidebars

SQL Autocomplete

Writing SQL just got 10x easier. We added autocomplete to the SQL editor, including table & column suggestions.

Auth Redirects

Redirect your users to specific route within your site on signIn() and signUp().

Redirect your users after sign up

Replication management

We added a page to the Database section for managing Postgres Replication. It's still basic, but you can use it to manage your realtime API - choosing which tables are enabled, and which events to send.

Replication management

Learning Resources

We've released a new Resources section in our docs, as well as two new Auth modules: GoTrue Overview and Google OAuth.

Our dashboard has sidebars

New Region

Launch your database in South Africa.

Launch your database in South Africa



One of the community, @ftonato, has built an amazing example that shows how to use Supabase with Stencil (a Web Component compiler built by they Ionic team.)

Check it out!

Supabase with Stencil

  • @kiwicopple on the LogRocket Podcast. Link
  • @bdougie Livestream: More Fullstack React w RedwoodJS + Supabase. Link
  • @gbibeaul created useSupabase: Supabase React Hooks. GitHub

We hit 6000 GitHub stars on GitHub

This image shows the Supabase GitHub star growth.


Coming next

Waiting for Supabase Storage? Here's a sneak peek for the upcoming Launch Week at the end of March.

Supabase Storage coming soon

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