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Examples and Resources

We have a set of examples in our main repository to help you get started.

Todo List#

Build a basic Todo List with Supabase and your favorite frontend framework:

Auth examples#




  • Dart (in development): GitHub
  • Python (in development): GitHub
  • C# (in development): GitHub
  • Kotlin (in development): GitHub
  • useSupabase: Supabase React Hooks. GitHub
  • vue-supabase: Supabase Vue wrapper. GitHub
  • vue-3-supabase: Supabase Vue 3 wrapper. GitHub
  • nuxt-supabase: Supabase Nuxt wrapper. GitHub
  • react-supabase: Supabase React Hooks. Docs GitHub
  • @triniwiz/nativescript-supabase: Supabase NativeScript. GitHub


  • Supabase Auth with Redwood. Docs
  • Supabase Auth with Sapper SSR. Blog
  • Switch from Firebase Auth to Supabase Auth. Blog
  • Setting up Umami Analytics with Supabase. Blog
  • Creating New Supabase Users In NextJS. Blog
  • Creating Protected Routes In NextJS With Supabase. Blog
  • Migrate from Google Cloud Storage (GCS) to Supabase Storage Gist
  • Subscriptions with Supabase and Stripe Billing Blog
  • Flutter Supabase Authentication Blog
  • Supabase in 6 minutes Video
  • Let's build SupaAuth - Build an Authentication System using Supabase, Next.js and Typescript 6-part Blog Series
  • In-depth self-hosting guide using Nginx Blog

Example apps#

  • Supabase + Stripe + Next.js. GitHub
  • Supabase + Svelte Trello clone. GitHub
  • Supabase + Expo Starter. GitHub
  • Supabase + Nest.js. GitHub
  • Supabase + Cloudflare Workers. GitHub
  • Supabase + Cloudflare Workers + Webpack. GitHub
  • Realtime chat app with Supabase + React. GitHub
  • GitHub insights dashboard. GitHub
  • Supabase + React + Mobx-State-Tree Instagram Clone. GitHub
  • KeepLink: Simple bookmark service with tags and archive. GitHub
  • Supabase + Next.js (Next.js Starter Kit) Github
  • Supabase + Svelte (Svelte Starter Kit) Github
  • Supabase + SolidJS (SolidJS Starter Kit) Github
  • Supabase + Nuxt3 (Nuxt Starter Kit) Github
  • Supabase + Remix (Remix Starter Kit) Github

Blog Posts#

  • Realtime Subscriptions using Vue + Supabase. Blog
  • Creating a microblog using Vue + Supabase. Blog
  • Track Real-time Page Views. Blog
  • Supabase as a Sentry alternative. Blog
  • Using Supabase with Chartbrew. Blog
  • Authentication with Supabase and React. Blog
  • Supabase Schema Visualizer. Blog
  • Create a real-time UI using Next.js + Supabase. Blog