Supabase Beta March 2021


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Launch week, Storage, Supabase CLI, Connection Pooling, Supabase UI, and Pricing. Here's what we released last month.

Quick demo

Watch a full demo:

Supabase Storage

Need to store images, audio, and video clips? Well now you can do it on Supabase Storage. It's backed by S3 and our new OSS storage API written in Fastify and Typescript. Read the full blog post.

Supabase Storage

Connection Pooling

The Supabase API already handles Connection Pooling, but if you're connecting to your database directly (for example, with Prisma) we now bundle PgBouncer. Read the full blog post.

Connection Pooling

React UI Component Library

We open sourced our internal UI component library, so that anyone can use and contribute to the Supabase aesthetic. It lives at . It was also the #1 Product of the Day on Product Hunt.

React UI Library


Now you can run Supabase locally in the terminal with supabase start. We have done some preliminary work on diff-based schema migrations, and added some new tooling for self-hosting Supabase with Docker. Blog post here.

Supabase CLI


Our most frequently asked question by far is "ok supabase is sweet, but how much is it going to cost?". TL;DR there's Free Plan up to 500mb + 10k auth users, a Pro Plan at $25/month for 8GB + 100k auth users, and anything additional is charged on a usage basis.

See Pricing Page for full details and also our blog on why pricing is hard.

Supabase Pricing

NFT Platform

Well... not really, but it made for a great April Fools joke.

Supabase NFT marketplace

Supabase Dot Com

We are now dot com! We'll be porting across over the next few weeks. Read the origin story behind the name here.

Supabase Dot Com

OAuth Scopes

Thanks to a comunity contribution (@_mateomorris and @Beamanator), Supabase Auth now includes OAuth scopes. These allow you to request elevated access during login. For example, you may want to request access to a list of Repositories when users log in with GitHub. Check out the Documentation.

Oauth Scope


  • You can now manage your PostgREST configuration inside the Dashboard.
  • Our website has been redesigned. Check out our new Homepage and Blog, and our new Database, Auth, and Storage product pages.
  • We refactored some of our Filter methods to make them even easier to use. Check out the Full Text Search refactor.
  • We have added several new sections to our Docs including: Local Dev, Self Hosting, and Postgres Reference docs (all still under development).


Supabase Stars march 2021


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Coming Next

Lets say for each new sign up, you want to trigger a slack alert, send them an email after 24 hours.

For this we are working on our own Workflow engine, it will eventually have a Zapier-like interface inside the dashboard. For now it's a state-machine interpreter (fully compatible with Amazon States Language) written in Elixir, open source, and ready for community contributions.


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