Login with Facebook

To enable Facebook Auth for your project, you need to set up a Facebook OAuth application and add the application credentials to your Supabase Dashboard.


Setting up Facebook logins for your application consists of 3 parts:

Access your Facebook Developer account#

Facebook Developer Portal.

Create a Facebook App#

  • Click on My Apps at the top right.
  • Click Create App near the top right.
  • Select your app type and click Continue.
  • Fill in your app information, then click Create App.
  • This should bring you to the screen: Add Products to Your App. (Alternatively you can click on Add Product in the left sidebar to get to this screen.)

Find your callback URI#

The next step requires a callback URI, which looks like this:


  • Go to your Supabase Project Dashboard.
  • Click on the Settings icon at the bottom of the left sidebar.
  • Click on API in the list.
  • Under Config / URL you'll find your API URL, you can click Copy to copy it to the clipboard.
  • Now just add /auth/v1/callback to the end of that to get your full OAuth Redirect URI.

Set up FaceBook Login for your Facebook App#

From the Add Products to your App screen:

  • Click Setup under Facebook Login
  • Skip the Quickstart screen, instead, in the left sidebar, click Settings under Facebook Login
  • Enter your callback URI under Valid OAuth Redirect URIs on the Facebook Login Settings page
  • Enter this in the Valid OAuth Redirect URIs box
  • Click Save Changes at the bottom right

Be aware that you have to set the right access levels on your Facebook App to enable 3rd party applications to read the email address. From the App Review -> Permissions and Features screen:

  • Click the button Request Advanced Access on the right side of public_profile and email

You can read more about access levels here

Copy your Facebook App ID and Secret#

  • Click Settings / Basic in the left sidebar
  • Copy your App ID from the top of the Basic Settings page
  • Under App Secret click Show then copy your secret
  • Make sure all required fields are completed on this screen.

Enter your Facebook App ID and Secret into your Supabase Project#

  • Go to your Supabase Project Dashboard
  • In the left sidebar, click the Authentication icon (near the top)
  • Click Settings from the list to go to the Authentication Settings page
  • Enter the final (hosted) URL of your app under Site URL (this is important)
  • Under External OAuth Providers turn Facebook Enabled to ON
  • Enter your Facebook client ID and Facebook secret saved in the previous step
  • Click Save

Add login code to your client app#

When your user signs in, call signInWithOAuth() with facebook as the provider:

1async function signInWithFacebook() {
2  const { data, error } = await supabase.auth.signInWithOAuth({
3    provider: 'facebook',
4  })

When your user signs out, call signOut() to remove them from the browser session and any objects from localStorage:

1async function signout() {
2  const { error } = await supabase.auth.signOut()