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uuid-ossp: Unique Identifiers

The uuid-ossp extension can be used to generate a UUID.


A UUID is a "Universally Unique Identifer" and it is, for practical purposes, unique. This makes them particularly well suited as Primary Keys. It is occasionally referred to as a GUID, which stands for "Globally Unique Identifer".



1. Go to the Database page.
2. Click on "Extensions" in the sidebar.
3. Search for "uuid-ossp".
4. Click the toggle.

The uuid type​

Once the extension is enabled, you now have access to a uuid type.


Creates a UUID value based on the combination of computer’s MAC address, current timestamp, and a random value.


Creates UUID values based solely on random numbers.


Within a query​

select uuid_generate_v4();

As a Primary Key​

Automatically create a unique, random ID in a table:

create table contacts (
id uuid default uuid_generate_v4(),
first_name text,
last_name text,

primary key (id)