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Working With Arrays

PostgreSQL supports flexible array types.
These arrays are also supported in the Supabase dashboard and in the JavaScript API.


Create a table with an array column

Create a test table with a text array (an array of strings):

1. Got the Table Editor
2. Create a New Table
3. Create a new table named `arraytest` and save the table
- New Column
- Name the new column `textarray`
- Make it type `text`
- Check the box labelled `Define as array`
- Save the new column

Insert a record with an array value

- Table Editor
- Select `arraytest`
- Insert Row
- In the `textarray` field input, paste:
- `["Harry", "Larry", "Moe"]`
- Save the new row

View the results

- Table Editor
- Select `arraytest`

Your first array data!


Query Array Data

To query an array, PostgreSQL uses 1-based arrays, so be careful, since you're probably used to 0-based arrays in JavaScript.

To select the first item from the array and get the total length of the array:

SELECT textarray[1], array_length(textarray, 1) FROM arraytest;