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Your PostgreSQL database is the core of your Supabase project, so it's important that it has a strong, secure password at all times.

If you use special symbols in your postgres password, you must remember to percent-encode your password later if using the postgres connection string e.g. postgresql://

Changing your project password#

When you created your project you were also asked to enter a password. This is actually the password for your database, specifically for the postgres user. You can update this using SQL:

alter user postgres
with password 'new_password';

Creating a secure password#

It's absolutely critical that you store your customers' data safely. Here are some tips for creating a secure password.

  • Use a password manager to generate it.
  • Make a long password (12 characters at least).
  • Don't use any common dictionary words.
  • Use both upper and lower case characters, numbers, and special symbols.