This is a non-exhaustive list of features that Supabase provides for every project.


Postgres Database#

Every project is a full Postgres database. Docs.

Database Extensions#

Every database comes with a full set of Postgres extensions. Docs.

Database Functions#

Create custom database functions which you can call from the browser. Docs.

Database Triggers#

Attach triggers to your tables to handle database changes. Docs.

Database Webhooks#

Send database changes to any external service using Webhooks. Link.

Database Backups#

Projects are backed up daily with the option to upgrade to Point in Time recovery.

Build search functionality using Postgres Full Text Search. Docs.

Secrets and encryption#

Encrypt sensitive data and store secrets using our Postgres extension, Supabase Vault. Link.

Database migrations#

Develop locally and push your changes to your production database using migrations. Docs


Email & Password Logins#

Build email logins for your application or website. Docs.

Build passwordless logins for your application or website.Docs.

Social Logins#

Provide social logins - everything from Apple, to GitHub, to Slack. Docs.

Phone Logins#

Provide phone logins using a third-party SMS provider. Docs.

Row Level Security#

Control the data each user can access with Postgres Policies. Docs.

Serverside Auth Helpers#

Helpers for implementing user authentication in popular frameworks like Next.js and SvelteKit

Auth UI Kit#

Build login and registration pages with custom themes. Docs.

APIs & Client libraries#

Auto-generated REST API#

RESTful APIs are autogenerated from your database, without a single line of code. Docs.

Auto-generated GraphQL API#

Fast GraphQL APIs using our custom Postgres GraphQL extension. Docs.

Realtime Database changes#

Receive your database changes through websockets. Docs.

User Broadcasting#

Send messages between connected users through websockets. Docs.

User Presence#

Synchronize shared state across your users, including online status and typing indicators. Docs.

Client libraries#

Official client libraries for JavaScript and Dart. Unofficial libraries supported by the community.


File storage#

Supabase Storage makes it simple to store and serve files. Docs.

Resumable uploads#

Upload large files easily using resumable uploads. Docs.

Storage CDN#

Cache large files using the Supabase CDN. Docs.

Image Transformations#

Transform images on the fly. Docs.

Edge Functions#

Deno Edge Functions#

Globally distributed TypeScript functions to execute custom business logic. Docs.

Project Management#


Use our CLI to develop your project locally and deploy to the Supabase Platform. Docs.

Management API#

Manage your projects programmatically. Docs.

Feature Status#

Both Postgres and the Supabase Platform are production-ready. Some tools we offer on top of Postgres are still under development.

ProductFeatureStageAvailable on self-hosted
DatabaseFull Text SearchGA
DatabasePoint-in-Time RecoveryGA🚧 wal-g
RealtimePostgres ChangesGA
StorageS3 BackendGA
StorageCDNGA🚧 Cloudflare
StorageSmart CDNbeta🚧 Cloudflare
StorageImage TransformationsGA
StorageResumable Uploadsbeta
Edge Functionsbeta
AuthOAuth ProvidersGA
AuthNext.js Auth Helpersbeta
AuthSvelteKit Auth Helpersbeta
AuthRemix Auth Helpersbeta
CLIbeta✅ Works with self-hosted
Management APIbetaN/A
Client Library: JavaScriptGAN/A
Client Library: DartbetaN/A
  • ✅ = Fully Available
  • 🚧 = Available, but requires external tools or configuration